Keeping the whole world in your hands

It's not a secret to anyone, that our planet is seized with intricate and irreversible process — a conversion of different countries, cultures, languages and histories in one huge system, one big enterprise; process of world-wide economical, political and cultural fusion. This is the globalization.

Today you and your business are parts of this system! And only he who is in possession of information can rule the world!

By one click

You don't want to take a back seat and lose an opportunity offered by globalization? You want to develop your business on a global scale? You need exact information about the most distant place, in handy form and in the shortest time?

We will help you to get it by one click!

You will find any product or service that you need on out site in three languages (English, German and Russian)! Exploiting the potentialities of our site, you can establish business relations with different companies regardless of their location. This eliminates the need in huge middlemen expenses!

He who announces himself, will be founded

You need partners, investors or customers? You need to organize your B2B (business to business)? Arrange information about your company on our site — and people that you need will find you! Our company was established to consolidate the markets of the world. A person from anywhere in the world can find your company and become a consumer of your goods. You can also find a partner from any country in the world — as our site can be used by anybody with Internet access. Our visitors can use the language that is convenient for them when registering and working.

How do we work?

In addition to advertisements on the website, we arrange our clients' advertisements in press. Apart from that we can represent their companies at international exhibitions and trade fairs. Our central office is located in Great Britain, a branch office is in Germany. We are working on establishing new branch offices in other countries. Information that is placed on the site belongs to registered companies only.

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