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Goffer beam is a product of technical-engineering development, which allows to considerably reduce term of building. Taking into account mentioned fact, goffer beams can be applied in quick building of… 


Product Number: 2

Building from the given material is the optimum decision for objects of various functional purposes: trading complexes, industrial and warehouse cases, warmed hangars, boilers, refrigerating chambers in supermarkets, trading complexes,… 


Product Number: 3

Arch trapezoidal profiles are the self-bearing constructions consisting from trapezoidal profiles, bent in an arch of the set radius. Are used for the device of roof or bent wall elements… 


Product Number: 4

Metall profile sheet is a steel cold bent sheet profile with the trapezoid form of goffer. Сan be mounted horizontally or vertically and to be used both for internal, and… 


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