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Product name: Winter tent (inflatable)

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Weight with packing - 6,0 kg. The sizes of packing - 53х50х25 sm Tent - tent-fisherman, tent - hunter and tent for tourism is intended: for winter campaigns, fishing and hunting. A design and properties of tent allow to maintain necessary temperature in the presence of a source of independent heating (for example infra-red heater or an oven). The basic advantage in comparison with known types of tents is: * absence of rigid metal or other framework * installation time - 3-5 minutes * in case of absence of wind loading do not demand fastening to the earth, snow and so on and can be moved in the installed mode * absence of spacers, extensions and all possible pegs guarantees full package contents in any conditions.

The bottom part of walls of tent has an apron on all perimetre which nestles on the earth an improvised ground (sand, stones, snow). the Tent can be with transparent windows and a thermosteady aperture for an oven.

Internal inflatable elements of tent are made from film manufactured by Belgian concern Sioen and work at temperature from a minus 70 to plus 95

Dismantle of tent is deflation. Additional options and separate elements of tent - according to the agreement with customer. Attention: the tent can be transformed to a mobile bath (the oven should be bought). Pressure of air in a pneumoframework - 0,5-1,5 atm.

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